Tuesday, August 30, 2011


by Jack Ferraiolo
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: 4 stars

Do you like action?  Superheroes?  Humor?  A bit of romance?  Then you are in for a treat.  Meet Bright Boy (AKA Scott Hutchinson), the sidekick for Phantom Justice.  There are plenty of superheroes, both good and bad, in the world--they can either have super strength, super speed, or super intelligence.  On rare occasions, some have two attributes, and are called plus/plusses.  Both Phantom Justice (AKA Trent) and Bright Boy have super strength and speed.  Scott has been raised by Trent since he was found in an orphanage at the age of 6.  But now that he is a young teen, Scott is a bit embarrassed by his colorful clinging tights.  Then, Scott accidentally finds out the secret identity of Monkeywrench, the sidekick of arch nemesis Dr. Chaotic, and Monkeywrench finds out his identity, too.  Shockingly, they go to school together.  Now everything changes as Scott is forced to look at being a superhero completely differently.  Even more disturbing, Trent seems to be growing more rigid and angry, especially as Scott begins to break out of his nerdy shell.  And there are evil plans afoot!  Where will our sidekick end up?  The plot is fast-paced and there is even room for a sequel...so jump in and enjoy!